Situated in the regions of Nilambur, KPG roofings Nilambur have the stocking capacity of more than 50,000+ pieces and an effective team of sales people to assist you in choosing the right product to connecting you with the talents from all fields. 

The showrooms is located in karimbuzha, near the infamous Teak museam of Nilambur

Visit the showroom

Reach to the showroom directly to personally check all the roofing products and understand our quality. We are ready to provide any service you need

  • Location

    Showroom covers the area between the towns of nilambur, edavanna, edakkara, wandoor, chunkathara, karulayi etc

  • Services

    Roof tiles, Steel doors, Roofing shingles

  • Contact

    Mr. Faisal
    Branch manager

    +91 9072 002 006


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