Planning to start a business ?? Let us join hands

What, Where, and how to start ? 
here is the best Opportunity
 for you

Are you afraid of taking the risk of starting from scratch and wants to own a proven business with a solid reputation ? 

KPG Roofings – India’s largest roofing tile showroom network is inviting franchises. 


We have been featured in the major news houses in the country


At KPG Roofings, we have a legacy of excellence spanning 30 years in the building materials industry. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted name in roofing solutions.

Let us dive into the main reasons why you should be a KPG franchise and how it can help you to thrive your business


Availability of all ranges of KPG Products exclusively in your locality.

Good WIll

Goodwill and the strong reputation of the brand will help you to instantly kick start your business

Initial business supporT

Initial business support by assigning an experienced manager to monitor your sales team and through on-site training for the sales team


Less chance of stock accumulation due to the B2B sales option where you can buy / sell product to other franchises


Effective Standard operating procedures (SOP) on how to operate the store. 


Curated Marketing methods and strategies by our efficient marketing team


Maximum visibility to your business through the wide advertising of the company

ON-DOOR delivery

Ensure timely availability of container goods directly at your warehouse


Routine business guidance, assistance in report making and accounting to reduce the risk in business and ensure profitability. 


Become Break-even from the fourth month and Recover your investment in 2 years with a Return Of Investment rate of 15%+.

This is one of the things we do best

We take pride in our rich heritage and the positive impact we’ve had on countless homes and businesses. There are 40 comrades for you who have chosen KPG roofings and is doing proud business at their hometown.

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to join a trusted brand with a proven track record. Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or someone looking to start a new chapter, KPG Roofings welcomes you with open arms

Join KPG Roofings and be part of something remarkable. Your entrepreneurial journey begins here!

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